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Postby Wally26 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:20 pm

Does anyone here know how many MSVO Falcons were made?
Apparantly a dealership special offer from metro ford.

Also has anyone heard of a Rampage Falcon

I mentioned in another thread I was getting a LTD. Unfortunately due to a stuffup by the ATO(who would of thought) they sent my cheque to an old address(even though they managed to mail the letter saying I was getting a remission pay out to the right address)

Which means I have to wait yet again another 28 days for my money.

Meantime I have discovered this MSVO Falcon and have spoken to the owners. apparently someone from Gympie area that has 2x PB Falcons is coming down to look at this car. Which means is more than likely a member here.

If you are, I would just like to say they aren't going to budge from their price. This is possibly the last remaining of these cars and I have told them when the money comes through I will pay the asked price no matter how little rego is left.

Unless your going to pay the asked price it will be a wasted journey from Gympie. This is the suck up bit of this note.
I haven't ever had the chance to own anything remotely special. This car if it isn't bought before I get my money before it is sold it will be my little special baby.
So if your going to try talk them down and are not willing to pay the asked price if you could not make the trip and give me a shot at this car I would be deeply thankful.. you already have 2xPB's don't be greedy lol. It is essentially a dealer pack that comes with Ford lowered sports suspension and a fairly suttle body kit. The engine etc is totally standard apart from a factory fitted cat back exhaust and sportier mufflers. I have heard it running and it wouldn't be any louder than a tickford xr6. If I get this vehicle I may add extractors and see if I can fit a ED xr6 cold air intake and see if I can get it dyna tuned to the same power as a Brock but those will be the only modifications I am going to make as the car is completely standard engine wise.

So if anyone knows more about these cars (how many were made? how many are left? Is it a one off made for a manager or were a dealer offer) it would be deeply appreciated.

The ATO has given me 2 figures, a smaller figure over the phone which would enable me to get this car. A larger figure by mail which would give me enough to seriously think of a trip to Victoria to purchase#75PB. Now I have found this MSVO and to the best of my or the owner's knowledge it could be the only one or one of the last(if not the last) surviving.. I am thinking even if I get the larger amount(and I have always had a thing for brock falcons since I discovered them) that I might still just get this MSVO.


PS. Sorry to rattle on about this other sports Falcon on Brockford site but I am hoping whoever it is from Gympie will give me a shot at this one.

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